The Rocky River Arboretum was a community created project which contains imitations of the Old Forest Nursery.

A dozen species sites have been established including Drooping Sheoak, Sugar Gum, Blue Gum, River Red Gum, Grey Box, Peppermint Box, Native Cypress Pine, Flinders Range Wattle, Scarlet Bottle Brush, Elegant Wattle and Golden Wattle.

The idea of the project was about:

*Revegetating open patches of land using local species.

*Educating people about the plants and the broader environment by including trails and signs.

*Creating a tourist drawcard.

*Promoting native vegetation and reducing pest species.

*Improving bird habitat and creating a bird-watchers’ paradise.

*Reducing bushfire risks to the township.

While your visiting the Arboretum, make sure to view the Sculpture Trail which runs along side the Rocky River.